Professor Desk

Legal profession is one of the oldest professions in the world. Still it has not lost its prestige in age of modernity.Legal education is a human science which furnishes beyond techniques, skills and competences and its basic objective is to creation and maintenance of a just society. Legal education is not mere study of the basic philosophy, ideologies and critiques. Legal education teaches us the application of legal philosophies in the ground reality. Legal education is a dynamic education and it changes its form and objects according to the changes of the social order. Almost in every country legal education has played a vital role to keep the democracy, liberty, equality and fraternity in motion. Legal education in broader concept moulds the legal system of the country.


In India, from the very beginning legal education has accomplished and cherished objectives of justice, liberty, equality and fraternity of the largest sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic, republic in the world. Today in India legal education is the highly growing sector. From 2012 to 2014 number of total law schools and colleges has increased from 800 to 1200. That shows the growing demand and necessity of the legal education in India.In the globalized world, the legal profession is not confined only within the bar-bench relationship.There are various professions around the globe for the legal graduates.So, students and the parents who are thinking about the future of the legal education should gather knowledge regarding the new developments of the Legal Education.


To my students who are facing dilemma to choice legal education as their future course, I will suggest legal education does not only require merit, it requires the confident and courage. If you have the courage to lead the India towards the just and orderly society, the choice the legal education and you will definitely succeed in the future.